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Reaktor is a free Estonian web fanzine that celebrates and broadcasts works of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and other speculative fiction. Our monthly issues cover all things "ulme" (the Estonian umbrella term for speculative fiction genres) - from books and board games to LARPs and live performances. We also help local publishing houses spread word about their releases via news, reviews, and teasers.

Launched as a fandom basement project in 2011, Reaktor has since grown into a considerable fiction release platform that welcomes versatile authors, novices and veterans alike. In addition to the local writers' original stories, our fiction collection features the works from world-renowned authors such as Norman Spinrad, Charles Stross, and Bruce Sterling. We've also had the privilege to interview several notable creatives, including Andrzej Sapkowski, Joe Abercrombie, and Andreas Eschbach. Every few years we publish a selection of the most memorable Reaktor stories as paperback collection called Tuumahiid (The Atomic Giant).

Reaktor always welcomes news hints and original stories, so here are some handy submission guidelines.
- Send your texts and ideas to the general editorial e-mail: toimetus@ulmeajakiri.ee. If you haven't heard back from us within a reasonable timeframe, send a follow-up message or try to reach us via other channels (our facebook page is a good start).
- We accept stories that have not been previously published in Estonian. The author guarantees that they are indeed the creator of the submitted text.
- Submit your work in English, in a file format that allows easy access to the text (no PDF-s, please). If accepted, our volunteer translators will take it from there.
- There is no strict word limit but we prefer to keep single-shot works within 10000 words. (If your text exceeds that, expect extra negotiations regarding excerpts or serialized solutions.)
- When in doubt, write us and ask.
- By submitting a story to us, you're granting us the non-exclusive, worldwide rights to republish your story in the Estonian language on our fanzine. All other rights not expressly granted by the author reside exclusively with the author.

Final note: Reaktor operates entirely on makers' passion. We do not run advertisements and we do not offer any payment for submissions.
Reaktori tööle saab kaasa aidata igaüks! Saada oma jutt, artikkel, arvustus, uudisvihje, arvamus või muu kaastöö toimetuse aadressile toimetus@ulmeajakiri.ee.
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