Summary in English

Reaktor is free web-based fanzine which is fully based on our editors and authors enthusiasm and it has been (and will be) always free to read from to web. There is also no annoying advertisments (which is also intentional) and basically we pay for making it - we cover the server service ourself. No artist, writer, editor or critic has ever received any more payment than the fame and our reader's thanks. However it seems that this has been enough since we've published an issue per month for almost four years now. Notable authors have given us premission to publish their stories such as Norman Spinrad, Charles Stross and Bruce Sterling. We have also received several short stories from Estonian publishers who would like to promote their newly published book or collection of stories.

Our main goals are to publish young writer's short stories, give them some insight and to expand our reader's knowledge of native and international SF literature and events. In addition to literature we are also tryng to cover wide variety of topics that are more of less tied to the theme of our fanzine - board games, roleplaying games (pen & paper), live action roleplaying games (LARP), video games, anime, comic-books, movies etc.

If you are interested in contributing to our cause to improve the scenery of Estonian science fiction, fantasy and/or supernatural horror with your short story and/or an article we encourage to write to us (or if you really like what we in which case it would be great to have some feedback). We accept Engish submissions. We have several people who translate for us beside their daily job or as an hobby. All is good as long as the story hasn't been published in Estonian and. The author guarantees he is the the real author of the submitted text. Any format will do as long as the text is easily accessible (i.e. not an pdf).

As there's enough storage space in our server we have no official maximum length. Preferred (maximum) length would be around 10 000 words. We have had couple of longer stories but they usually don't get that much attention as many people don't like to read long texts on their computer screen (which is why we also have epub and mobi formats available).
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